Meet the Staff

Rhonda: Owner
Welcome! I really hate writing bios. What is there to say?

I am a mother of two wonderful kiddos and a GS/Lab mix who, to my husband’s great annoyance, follows me around everywhere. Besides this site, I also own When I’m not working on the sites I will usually have my nose buried in a book or am busy writing in an RP group. I do enjoy getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. I love to spend hours taking pictures of everything from animals to blades of grass. Mother Nature has so much to offer!

I would list my favorite authors, but then I’d need an entire page just for me. I have to thank all the wonderful ladies (listed below) who help me day in and day out with both of my sites! I couldn’t do it without you!


Ariel: Editor

Hi, I’m Ariel.  I started my love affair with all things vampire and paranormal romance books through our beloved sister site,  I have been an active participant on that forum for many years. It was with humble pleasure that I accepted my role here, too.
I’m a mom to a sweet, brilliant little boy, and wife to a hunky fireman.   I got the job of editor because I can’t stand to see someone misuse a comma or a semicolon; someone has to stand up for good punctuation and grammar!  I try very hard to make sure all the reviews, interviews and posts are well edited and are fun to read so we all look like educated women who know what we’re doing.   I am a Pinterest addict and I love to stamp cards and create scrapbooks. Oh, and I love me some sammiches—man sammiches.

Teresa: Lead Reviewer
Hello, I am Teresa!  I began reviewing books last year for  After being a member of the VRB forum for a while I really wanted to help out with the site in some way.  The powers that be suggested that I try my hand at writing reviews, and I loved it.  When I found out ThatsErotica was launching I jumped at the chance to help out. The rest, shall we say, is history. Between VRB and ThatsErotica I stay buried in reviews, but having the chance to read tons of great books is not something I am going to complain about.
I have always been an avid reader, and it is rare to find me without a book in reach.  I also enjoy listening to music, gardening, and spending time with my husband and our eight pets.

Diane: Site Therapist
Most of you know me as Nix from VRB so it is no surprise I was appointed this prestigious position through gratuitous violence and much ass kissing. I do not write reviews as subtlety is not my strong point and authors get snarky when you mention their books will be used as kindling but rather am here for honest opinions and sarcastic comments.
My main duties at VRB run more to the emotional than anything website related as even copying and pasting is a miracle to me and I have a firm belief microsoft word is a dictionary. When our poor overworked yet beautiful admin begins to crack from the sheer scope of her duties and her meds stop working I offer anything from a soft shoulder to rounds of electroconvulsive therapy or dress up as a chicken and let her spank me. You can all thank me later as you have no idea how hard she spanks.
I am a wife and stay at home mother of 5 wonderful children and my last tether to sanity snapped years ago so you are forewarned. Most days will find me with a book in one hand and my kindle in the other, alternating between paranormal romance and big girl books that make my panties wet. My office hours and fees are negotiable so feel free to contact me.

Lieve: Site Geek/Nerd whatever :-)
Since I’m the most boring person around this place, I’ll keep it short. My role on this website is basically to keep things running, technically speaking that is. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE reading books and I met these ladies on VRB. Since our Queen does have some technical difficulties from time to time, I try to fix them. When she mentioned she wanted to setup a new website, I told her I’d help. Essentially I’m the person that tries to get this site looking good and keeping it that way. If you ever have problems using the website or you see something wrong, then don’t hesitate to contact me.
Besides being the website geek, I’m also working as a full time software developer (Yes, more geekiness). I’m married to my husband (who else) and together we’ve got 4 adorable dogs! Yes, they do have their own website as well! Oh and on a side note, I’m from Belgium so I do live in another time zone then most of you, in case you would be wondering why I might answer emails at unusual times…