Author Requests/Review Policy

Review Policy:

All books (print and electronic) are purchased by the reviewer, borrowed from the library, or provided free of charge by the author/publisher, or through official third parties such as NetGalley.  Reviewers provide a personal review of the book which will be published on That’  All reviews are the intellectual property of That’sErotica.  At no time does That’sErotica receive compensation from any entity in exchange for the reviews posted.
Submitting a review request does not guarantee a review by ThatsErotica. Books submitted for review will not be returned to the publisher/author.  If a review is completed, it will be posted to as well as, if available. Authors/Publishers will not be notified when a book has been reviewed unless special circumstances have been previously discussed. A copy of the review that has been posted can be provided to the author/publisher upon request.
That’sErotica supports self-published authors! As long as your book has been published and is available (or soon to be) to the public, we’d love to hear from you.

That’sErotica reviews the following categories:


Romantic Suspense

Erotic Urban Fantasy

Historical Romance

If you feel your book doesn’t fit into one of the listed categories please contact us.

If your book has a paranormal theme, your review will be posted on That’sErotica as well as our sister site,, unless you request otherwise.

Review Requests:

To request a review, send an email  to us at including the following: Title, Author’s Name, Publisher, Release Date, and brief synopsis. Electronic copies are preferred in Mobi, PDF, or Epub formats and can be included with review request.

Interviews, Blog Tours, Guest Blogs:

If you’d like to schedule an interview, blog tour, guest blog or giveaway, please email us at with your name and book/series along with a date range in which you would like to be featured.


Advertising space is available for a reasonable price. If you are interested in advertising space on That’sErotica contact us at All advertising will be on the sidebars and footer of the main webpage.

Thank you for visiting ThatsErotica! We appreciate your support!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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