Monthly Archive: December 2015

Dec 29

Disheveled, UCC Saga #1

If you’re a fan of Eva Lenoir’s writing you’re sure to enjoy Disheveled as much as her other books. If you’re a first time reader of Lenoir’s, well, you’ve picked one hell of a story to start with. Disheveled is one of those books that you can kick your feet up with a glass of …

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Dec 01

Defining Us, 69 Bottles #6

Zoey Derrick’s 69 Bottles series is one of my favorites, that’s no secret. Defining Us, the 6th and last of the series was by far some of the best writing that Zoey Derrick has ever published. Eric and Calvin, aka Peacock and Mouse, have been the members of 69 Bottles that have been quietly sitting …

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