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MAY 2014 New Releases

Here are the known new releases for May 2014. If we have missed a title please comment and let us know. Click on picture for purchase and other information.




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Apr 18

The Celtic Fan by Deanndra Hall

Four men, longtime friends, meet every year for a trip. Some of the trips have been wonderful, some have not, but they have all been unique. This year the four decide to go on a hunt to find a bestselling author. Nick Roberts is a ghost, never seen or heard from. They guys are seeking a chance at fame, but for journalist Steve finding Mr. Roberts could be the story of a lifetime.

Every now and then a book will touch your heart, and for me this was one of those books. The Celtic Fan is in a way two stories that intersect into one. The first story was Nick Roberts’ star-crossed lovers Bill and Claire. They were a couple very much in love, but faced opposition because of the religions they practiced. Throughout the book there are snippets of the story that was born of love and died in tragedy. The second story brings Steve and Diana. While on his search for Nick Roberts he meets the enchanting woman who changes his life.

I am going to take a moment to gush and praise Hall for such a breathtaking romance. It is unlike most of the romances I read which are usually fare that is significantly more spicy. The Celtic Fan has moments, but I prefer to call them passionate and deep. The relationships in this book weren’t something that was fleeting. I can’t describe the book as anything but beautiful.

I cannot rightly end this review without commenting on the more technical part of Hall’s writing. Hall’s words were so illustrative, I could see every tree, and hear every sound. Once I was immersed in the novel it took over my senses. The way she brought the personalities to life was stunning. I felt heartbreak for Bill and Claire, as well as elation for Steve and Diana. Her story telling was just eloquent.

If you are more into hard core erotica, this may not be for you. If you want a genuine love story that is passionate, tender, and sentimental please don’t let this beautiful story pass you by.


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Publication Date: February 12, 2014
You set out to look for a recluse. You find the passion you never thought you’d have. One raindrop followed by another, and then another . . . and your whole world changes forever.

It’s a number one bestseller on every list. It’s a love story for the ages. And it’s a mystery.

At least its author is. Nick Roberts has never been seen. He doesn’t do interviews. He doesn’t answer fan mail. He doesn’t do late-night talk shows, or book signings, or conferences. No one knows who he is. Everyone is looking for him; websites have been set up offering rewards for finding him.

Four old friends plan their annual road trip. It’s been a toss-up every year, with each being different (and some not so good). But this year Russ’s idea is to find Nick Roberts. With an address stolen from the accounting files of the publishing house, the four friends set out to find the elusive Roberts and make names for themselves. And as three begin to get distracted – Russ by women, Michael by liquor, and Jim by porn or who knows what – only one stays the course: Steve Riley, a journalist from Knoxville, is determined to find Roberts and land the story of the century.

What he didn’t count on was finding Diana Frazier. Soul-sick and grieving, the quiet, simple woman turned the mountains into medicine for her soul. When an attractive stranger literally drops onto her property, he rolls through all of her defenses like a freight train off the tracks, and it never occurs to her that she might fall for him, any more than it occurs to him that he just might fall for her. 

Steve’s dedication to his mission is complicated by a deluge, a flash flood, and an obviously incorrect address occupied by the sweet, quiet widow. But as time has its way and the attraction between them flares and ignites, Steve begins to wonder if his trip will be successful in any other ways. How could anything permanent ever come from what he feels? And when his discoveries confirm his suspicions, what will he do?

Even more unsettling is the real question: If he finds Nick Roberts, will he tell?

Set in the foothills of the beautiful Smoky Mountains, The Celtic Fan is two stories – the story of a journalist following his biggest story ever, and of a wounded soldier and the girl with whom he falls in love post-World War II. Throughout the pages, Bill and Claire’s tragic tale winds its way through Steve’s story, a story he never thought he’d get a chance to tell.

NOTE: This book contains sensual love scenes and, while only mildly explicit, they are unsuitable for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

Apr 15

February and the Single Heart by Vi Zetterwall

February and the Single Heart is the second book in the Single Heart Series. February Dunn, Jr. was a 21 year-old young man helping with his father’s private detective agency. His mission was to find a fifteen year old heiress named Mary Jo Miller who had been kidnapped and bring her to safety. Now, it is eight years later and February is reluctantly running the business when his ill father can’t take the helm any longer. He is also surprised to see Mary Jo involved in his latest case, and she is in deep trouble. Will February come to her rescue?

Mary Jo is a genius with a quick wit when we first meet her at fifteen. Although February and Mary Jo seem to share a connection it is not something to be acted upon. Mary Jo appears to be the outspoken and opinionated kind. February seems like someone who is reserved and straight laced. When they meet later they both seem to have been kicked in the teeth by life in general, and they seem to be on more even ground.

I enjoyed this novella. When I looked at the title I really didn’t know what kind of read to expect. Zetterwall has written a story that is part mystery and part romance. I liked the direction of the story; the connection the main characters shared was really pure. It was truly that once in a lifetime bond of kindred spirits. I am always up for a good mystery as well. Zetterwell sent the reader on a wild goose chase wondering who was doing what. The only thing that was missing for me was small details. I would have appreciated more background on all of the characters, and how they linked together.

February and the Single Heart was a read I could just curl up and enjoy. It was a nice mystery and was romantic more than erotic so I would venture to say it would be appropriate for a reader in their late teens as well as adults who are turned off by more explicit romances. Zetterwell held my attention throughout and I would happily read the next book in the series.


Available at amazon.com

Publication Date: February 10, 2014
As the second novella of the series, February and the Single Heart picks up where January left off. But with a totally different set of characters and a vastly different story than January’s. What is still the same is the Seattle area setting and the magic that springs from the Coin of Luck. January’s book ends with the coin being passed on and shortly into ‘February’ you find out who has it now. 
Mary Jo Miller, the focal point of the story, is a young genius of a woman who faces a huge crisis early in life. Kidnapped at 15, she is rescued by a young man who finds his way into her life again, eight years later. This time she is in more danger and will need all the luck that coin can give. With her life and freedom in the balance, she learns that the young man she is falling for may not be her rescuer after all. This time, he may be more concerned about himself and she may spend the rest of her life mired in a nightmare of regret.

Apr 14

Resolutions by Teri Riggs

Eve Taylor is a tough as nails DEA agent leading her team on a mission to take down an infamous Columbian drug lord named Mendoza. Suddenly, with the end of her mission in sight everything goes south, and she is captured by the sadistic Mendoza. After a week of pure hell her rescuer comes in the package of Resolutions operative Mac. Mac was her lover until she went from desk jockey to her goal as a field agent. He tried to clip her wings, and she flew away. Now there is a mission that needs completed and she has been partnered with Mac. The chemistry between them is there, but she can’t trust that the alpha male in Mac can come to grips with her career.

I want to be Eve! Who wouldn’t want to be a kick ass sexy agent? She puts herself on the line and can handle her dangerous career as well as any man if not better! Her bravery is admirable, and quit is just not a word that is in her vocabulary. Like I said before, Dylan “Mac” McKenna is the complete alpha male. He lays his life on the line as an operative, and he is fiercely protective of what is “his”. I really liked the sexy Mac, but he has a way of putting his foot in his mouth where Eve is concerned. Although Eve finds it infuriating, I found the way his mouth was always overriding his brain kind of endearing!

I was really impressed with Riggs’ story. Talk about a story that was nonstop action! If Eve and Mac weren’t fighting bad guys they were fighting each other, and if they weren’t fighting each other they were burning up the sheets! Riggs storytelling is going to get your heart pumping one way or the other! She really focused on setting the scenes and the mood of the characters for the reader to take in. It was very easy to imagine yourself in the jungles of Columbia. I am pretty sure while I was reading I dodged a bullet or two!

If romantic suspense is your thing, this is your book! I am a fan of everything romance and I enjoyed the novel very much. I really hope to see more from Teri Riggs very soon!


Apr 14

Diesel by Piper Malone

 Elliot writes for a popular blog and now his job is on the line if he doesn’t deliver the goods on a wildly popular nightclub called Eden. Diesel is unsure about letting a journalist into her nightclub, but she eventually bends and gives Elliot a chance. Neither Elliot nor Diesel is prepared for the mutual attraction that is so immediate and spontaneous, but Diesel has a lot to lose besides her heart.

Diesel is probably one of the best female leads I have read in quite a while. This woman is fierce! She came from a broken family, she has endured heartbreak, and yet she prevails.  She isn’t just tough; she is loyal and caring too. She is just an amazing woman. Elliot is a good man who is handsome, and kind. Although his inside alpha shows itself from time to time I found his personality serious yet at times playful.

Diesel isn’t what I would consider a fast paced read, but what kept me glued to the story was the blossoming relationship between Elliott and Diesel. I think Malone delivered a beautiful love story. It has moments that are downright sexy too! I was really impressed with Malone. She laid out the story wonderfully. She opened the reader’s eyes to what makes Diesel tick; her secrets and fears. I thought Diesel was a wonderful piece of work.

If you like the romance genre and you are on the hunt for something that is sexy, but not overly explicit it is worth giving Diesel your time! It is a story that will appeal to the hopeless romantic in everyone.  Based on what I have read I would definitely pick up more of Malone’s work!


Apr 13

Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle

darkvelvetSavannah Evans is taking time off from her graduate classes to attend a prestigious art colony, Les Beaux Arts.  This is a once in a lifetime chance for the poet. The quiet island, the castle, and other artists are a wonderful influence on her work. Another influence she wasn’t counting on was the castle owner Antoine Chevalier. Savannah quickly finds herself hopelessly attracted to the mysterious gentleman, and the attraction is far from one sided.

Savannah seems to me to be someone who lives in her world of the arts.  She is a poet, but appreciative of the arts in all forms. She doesn’t seem like one with a terrible lack of confidence, but Antoine brings forth boldness in her.  Her relationship with Antoine is also sort of a journey of self-discovery. She is also intuitive; she is able to sense there is more to Antoine that meets the eye.  Antoine is mysterious, sexy, and more than an ordinary man.  Although he is there to encourage the artists in his castle there is a sense that he is a secretive man, but he sees something in Savannah he can’t stay away from.

Carlisle gives readers a blend of the paranormal and the erotic. This novella was a very enjoyable read for me. The setting on DeRoche Island was beautiful, and felt like it was from another time. The chemistry between Savannah and Antoine is sure to draw the reader in as well.

Dark Velvet is the first novella in the Chateau Seduction series. I am very excited to read Carlisle’s next installment!


Available at Amazon.com

Publication Date: March 1, 2014 Grad student Savannah Evans is thrilled to be accepted as a resident to a prestigious art colony. Where else would she be able to focus on her craft of writing poetry in a setting like that of the medieval-styled castle? The remote New England island is a respite from her hectic city life. When she meets her benefactor, a mysterious French sculptor, her expectations for carefree days writing near the ocean are distracted by unprofessional fantasies about her sponsor.

Antoine Chevalier built Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island to bring purpose back to an existence that has lost meaning. He’s wandered the earth for decades and finds solace in returning to art. When Savannah applies for a residency, something about her words touches him. After her arrival, a physical attraction grows between them, which he struggles against. She deserves more than someone of his kind.

Antoine proposes they become lovers during her stay. But the situation turns complicated when Savannah discovers his secret. She had suspicions about his identity, but finds the truth overwhelming. Consumed by her desire for Antoine and faced with a tough decision, she is blind to the danger that has arrived at DeRoche Island.

New adult erotic romance (18+)
Paranormal / vampire / gargoyle / shapeshifter

Apr 13

Destined to Be by TK Holt

destinedJaxson has finally made it as a huge rock star. He has albums flying off the shelves, he just played the biggest venue of his career, and he has hordes of adoring fans the only thing that is missing is the love of his life. When Jax left to make it big Carmen let him walk away. The life of being with a rock star made her insecure, but seven years have passed and she has yet to move on. Suddenly, on New Year’s Eve a dating site brings them back together. Will Carmen have a change of heart?

Jax does not have a rock star mentality. Of course he has his fun, but he wants it all, stardom and a love to share it with. I really liked his character; hot as hell, and he is kind. It seemed to me that after Jax’s departure Carmen’s life was stagnating. The main thing that popped out to me about her was an underlying sadness. It made me really root for her happy ending.

Musicians are on my hot list, so when I was given the opportunity to review Destined To Be I was right there! Once again Holt didn’t disappoint! This is definitely a love story, but as always Holt gives the reader a perfect mixture of naughty and nice. The sex is scorching and the love is so very sweet. While the story is short it is descriptive. I can still hear the crowd cheering on their favorite band in my mind!

Do you like a romantic story with an erotic edge? If your answer is yes don’t let Destined To Be pass you by! In the meantime I will be waiting for Holt’s next treat!


Available at Amazon.com

Publication Date: March 19, 2014

When Jaxon, hot, lead guitarist of Fighting Chance, left college to hit the road with his best friend, Gunnar, to put together the perfect rock band, he knew success was the only option. Years later, with Fighting Chance poised on the brink of becoming one of the hottest rock bands in the world, Jax still can’t forget the one woman he ever truly loved. Finally giving up hope of ever seeing her again, he agrees to sign up with InfiniteSoulmates.com for a publicity stunt Cash, the band’s manager, has in mind.

Carmen always second guessed her decision not to leave college and go on the road with Jax. Though worlds apart, no one has ever come close to filling the absence of the love of her life. Finally convinced Jax is living the high life touring the world as a rising rock star, she spots an online ad for a dating site and decides to take a chance on meeting someone new. How will Jax and Carmen react when each meets the one person in the world the mysterious website has determined to be their perfect match?

Apr 13

The Submission Gift by Solace Ames

CARINA_0314_9781426898280_TheSubmissionGift (1) (1)The Submission Gift is the second book of the L.A. Doms series.  Jay has suffered for the past year due to injury in a car accident. Adriana, his loving wife has cared for him without complaint. As a way to thank her for her love and devotion he hires a rent boy, or escort, named Paul to give Adriana the things that he himself can’t give.

Jay and Adriana have a marriage with a very interesting dynamic. They are very much in love, and at the same time best friends.  There are no secrets between them and this includes the fact of Jay’s bisexuality.  This is a couple that has had so many obstacles, but they always put the work in to the relationship and endure.  Jay and Adriana embody the definition of soul mate and unconditional love.  Paul has a checkered past, a job that is quite controversial, but when he steps into Jay and Adriana’s lives he is like a puzzle piece that was missing. Both Jay and Adriana have a special connection with Paul and he fills the voids that both Jay and Adriana have. In turn the couple fulfills Paul’s needs.  I found all three characters complicated in their own ways and therefore very interesting.

Ames graced the readers with an amazing piece of work.  It has everything erotica readers are looking for in a great story. I really enjoyed the storyline in itself, these characters felt very real to me. Most of this is in part to the way Ames created them to be very open and communicative.  Love is a factor in the story, but the sex scenes are distractingly hot! It was also fascinating to get an inside look at this developing polyamorous relationship.  I have to give props to Ames for pulling off such an emotionally complicated story.

The Submission gift is for mature readers only! Be prepared for plenty of ménage scenes, and role play, and many other delicious scenes.  I will also note that although this is the second book of the series it is a stand-alone read.  Now that Solace Ames is on my radar I can’t wait to see more!


Available now at Amazon.com

Publication Date: March 24, 2014

Newlyweds Jay and Adriana had a happy marriage and a spectacular sex life—until tragedy struck. Wounded in a car accident, Jay spent a year recuperating while Adriana worked overtime as a chef to pay their bills. Though he’s made nearly a full recovery, some aspects of their intimate play will never be the same. It’s a small price to pay, all things considered.

But when a long struggle with the insurance company results in an overdue payout, Jay has a plan. He’ll take some of it and hire a high-end rent boy who specializes in sexual dominance. Not for him, but as a gift for Adriana, for taking care of him for the past twelve months.

Paul is the handsome stranger they choose…and the one who changes everything. What starts out as a onetime session to fulfill a fantasy turns into something bigger than all of them. But when the money runs out and Paul’s dangerous past resurfaces, the sacrifices required to stay together may end up tearing them apart…

Mar 24

The Submission Gift Spotlight and Giveaway

The Submission Gift Banner 450 x 169






The Submission Gift

LA Doms

Book 2 (stand-alone)

Solace Ames


Genre: Erotic Romance, Ménage


Publisher: Carina Press


Date of Publication: March 24, 2014


ISBN: 978-1-4268-9828-0.



Number of pages: 254

Word Count: 100,000


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Book Description:


Newlyweds Jay and Adriana had a happy marriage and a spectacular sex life—until tragedy struck. Wounded in a car accident, Jay spent a year recuperating while Adriana worked overtime as a chef to pay their bills. Though he’s made nearly a full recovery, some aspects of their intimate play will never be the same. It’s a small price to pay, all things considered.


But when a long struggle with the insurance company results in an overdue payout, Jay has a plan. He’ll take some of it and hire a high-end rent boy who specializes in sexual dominance. Not for him, but as a gift for Adriana, for taking care of him for the past twelve months.


Paul is the handsome stranger they choose…and the one who changes everything. What starts out as a onetime session to fulfill a fantasy turns into something bigger than all of them. But when the money runs out and Paul’s dangerous past resurfaces, the sacrifices required to stay together may end up tearing them apart…



About the Author:SolaceAmesPhoto300x319


Solace Ames has roots in the Southeast US, although her heart lives somewhere along the Pacific coast of Mexico. She’s worked in restaurants, strip clubs, academia and the corporate world and studied everything from the philosophy of science to queer theory to medieval Spanish literature. Rejecting neat categories, her writing sprawls across genres and genders and swings from high art to low art, marching with the erotic avant-garde, tongue sometimes in cheek and at other times… well. Along with writing, education and political activism are her passions. Family takes up most of her time, but she loves to keep learning.


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/solacewrites


FB: http://www.facebook.com/solace.ames


Website and Blog: www.solaceames.com


Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/solaceames



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Mar 17

The Pleasure Room by D.N. Simmons

The Pleasure Room Button 300 x 225Felicity Summers and her friend Allison are writing the obituaries for the Chicago Word. Felicity is ready to break out and become a serious journalist. When an opportunity to have a career changing story by exposing the mayor falls into her lap she jumps at the chance. During her investigation she is thrust into the world of BDSM and into the arms of Sir Alistair Montgomery-Piers, a sexy Brit who shows her just what she needs.

I love the character dynamics in this book.  The easy friendship between Felicity and Allison as well as the chemistry between Felicity and Alistair was very much appreciated.  Felicity is so ambitious and determined, Allison brings the support and comic relief to the story, and Alistair is sexy and intelligent. I don’t believe Simmons could have created better characters.

Simmons gives all in this novel. The Pleasure Room has an interesting plot that reels you in. It is a well written story with well-developed characters; erotica lovers will be over the moon with the sex scenes. As Felicity’s investigation unfolds the reader is exposed to excitement and suspense. The added comic relief gives the opportunity to stop and take a breath. Did I mention this book is scorching hot? I thought this was a brilliant piece of erotica!

Know going in that The Pleasure Room is quite explicit, but fans of the genre are going to eat this read up and then beg on their knees for more!  I am really hoping to see a follow up story with Allison. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed D.N. Simmons has made me a giddy fan girl!


Buy Now At Amazon.com

Publication Date: February 12, 2014

Felicity Summers is an ambitious reporter who’s trying to make a name for herself as a serious investigative journalist with the biggest newspaper in the city; the Chicago Word. When she catches wind of a rumor about the city’s mayor that might just be the hottest story of the decade, she jumps at the opportunity to expose the corrupt mayor and derail his chances at winning a second term. All she has to do is infiltrate a private BDSM club to catch him in the act. Simple right? Well, maybe it would have been if not for the club’s extremely dominant, gorgeous and charming owner, Sir Alistair Montgomery-Piers. He takes notice of her at one of the scenes and sees something in Felicity that he wants to her to explore. Alistair makes her an offer neither she nor her body can refuse. Can Felicity stay focused on her mission long enough to get the proof for her top secret story, or will Alistair completely take over her heart, mind, body and soul?

Reader Advisory. This novel contains the following warnings:
Adult Themes. Strong Sexual Situations. Lots of Foul Language. Hot, Naked Bodies. Sexy Accents. Lusty Toys That Make You Beg For More. And a Whole Lot of Other Naughty Things That Will Send Your Libido Into Overdrive… Are Your Ready To Unleash Your Desires?

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